Friday, January 22, 2010

my way to make blood.

hey gang,

ive been trying some new ways to make a real blood look.i think im close and this is how i did it.

(1)i took a drop of gw scab re.watered it down and painted a point of were the blood would stop.

like as far as i want blood to go on blade.

(2)next i too that scab red same drop and added some white glue.i tryed to use a glue that would

dry quick and look a little lumpy.i dabbed it below the ending spot of my first dont do the

hole shaded pert.more at the tip of blade.

(3)next i add a little drop of brown ink.i used vallejo smoke70939.add that to your scab red from step 1 and 2.blotch it around close to tip of blad and middle.

(4)now i took a little of the dryed glue from the top of bottle (around rim)and glued them to tip of blade with a watered down glue all over the painted parts(blood part).

(5)now i take a drop of blood red(any will do)and i add it to the watered down glue from step 4.

paint that on the tip of blade and on your glue drop parts from step 4.

and thats it.if you set up a wet pallet type plate you can do this in 3 minute's.just make sure you use waterd down glue and thin layers.i did these step's 1 time,but im sure you can make it look better with 2 trys.

well hope i helped some one.i will try to do some more tutorials with sculpting soon.

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