Tuesday, January 12, 2010

just saying hi to the warp.

hello warp,

new to the site and just want to tell you a little about me.ive been in this hobby now for close to 5 years.i love 40k.i started as a warhammer fantacy player and then like most player or hobbyist neede to expand my range.so i fell in to 40k by just buying a commander box from my local hobby store.and the rest is a blur lol.

so now im a converting sculpting and painting machine.i spend as much time as i can doing something with this hobby,as long as my daughter has her own things to do.

on my blog i will post some of my work and some tutorials on things ive learned thru sculpting and converting.i also will post link's to things that have helped me and will hopefully help you.

if you ever need help feel free to ask me im always willing to help people.i hope tp learn some new things from you guys.anyhow im gonne get back to mt w.i.p wolf lord.i will post some pic's of him when i get him together.for now here's a few picture's of some work i did to pay for my daughters needs.

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