Thursday, January 14, 2010

mini mortarion.

i made this mini recently because i was bored and neede to add more stuff to the pile on my desk.i was trying to give a go at alot of cloth work and trying to make sherp edges.

i like this guy i think he will look great going to put him up for sale thou

and give it anouther shot.i think it came out nice but i should have made him time i will use terminator parts and see how it turns out.

right now im just trying to get some feedback on some of my work.

thanks for looking and please leave comments.joe

1 comment:

  1. Hmm... Other than the scythe and fly icon, there's not a lot about this guy that screams "Nurgle" to me. The rips and tears just look like battle damage. There's no grotesqueness.

    The cloth work looks good on most of the fig. The drape from the right knee looks pulled back a bit far, but isn't bad. The fullness of the hood in the back and sides also makes it seem a little small at the top of his head. It feels like it should either extend forward more or be folded back.

    Cheers and hope that helps. Great looking fig and nice GS work.